Passion With Nacho

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Nacho Vidal hardcore is back and this time he ends up banging two hotties in the same scene. The girls heard about Nacho and now they had the perfect reason to call him. One of them was getting married and wanted an unforgettable night before she committed. They knew Nacho makes house calls so they hired him as a stripper for her bachelorette party. He was expecting to find a room filled with women, but once he got in he only saw of them. He knew one of them was the almost wife and he assumed the other one was her friend.

The girls were almost drooling on him, so he gave them what they wanted. He came dressed as a convict, but in no time his clothes flew and her was walking around completely naked. From a strip show it became more of a sex show because he started pounding the hotties. Well this is what I like to call money well spent. You must check out the entire NachoVidalhardcore scene and if you still want more has more hardcore scenes for you guys. Enjoy it!

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