Nacho Vidal Hardcore – The Stable Whores

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Nacho Vidal hardcore is back with another slut that loves taking his hard cock deep inside her holes. The muscled hunk was training her at her place. He is a personal trainer for a while now and a few days ago a sexy babe came to the gym and asked for him. From the looks of it she was busy all the time and needed someone to do her exercises with from home. After a few visits Nacho noticed that her husband was never home so he asked about him.

The curvy brunette was recently divorced and living all by her self. She was too hot to stay away from it and one day before their workout Nacho tried his luck and started hitting on him. The ripped hunk was in luck because she couldn’t wait to get in his pants as well. So in no time NachoVidalhardcore was hammering her pussy in the middle of the house. I’m sure you guys liked this update and for more you can visit teeny black for more hardcore fucking scenes. See you guys later and stay tuned!

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